Partners in Learning Network

Partners in Learning Network

Millions of teachers: United around the world, connected online, sharing ideas that help students learn.

​The new Partners in Learning Network is the next generation of the global network serving educators and school leaders in over 119 countries. To facilitate a truly global community of innovative educators, the site is now available in 36 different languages, thanks to the use of Microsoft Translator Services. The evolvement of the Partners in Learning Network has advanced by including many more new features appealing to educators and schools leaders, including: 

  • Thousands of user generated learning activities
  • Available in 36 languages
  • Community discussions
  • Access to free tools and tutorials
  • Dynamic personal profile
  • Recognition, reward badge system

Partners in Learning NetworkWith the Partners in Learning Network, teachers share advice, discover best practices, post examples of student learning projects, learn new ways to utilize technology in the classroom, and gain unparalleled access to education experts. They connect with peers around the world and create new communities dedicated to innovative teaching, learning, and professional development.

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