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Windows Academic Program 

Submitted Date: 4/3/2012

The Windows Academic Program supplies universities with concepts, code, and projects useful for integrating core Windows® kernel technologies into teaching and research. The program includes Windows OS Internals Curriculum Resource Kit (CRK), ProjectOZ, and Windows Research Kernel. These components illustrate real-world examples of the principles taught in class and provide source code and materials for academic purposes. You can explore the program resources using the Online Resource Kit or download the components below.

Windows Curriculum Resource Kit (CRK)

The Windows Curriculum Resource Kit (CRK) is a collection of instructional materials that follows the ACM/IEEE-CS Operating Systems Body of Knowledge and illustrates operating system (OS) concepts using Windows XP as a case study. This material contains lectures with notes, experiments, demos, labs, quizzes and programming assignments.

Check out the latest addition to the CRK – Labs for Windows 7 – containing 7 labs that correspond to the above Windows Operating System Internals Curriculum Resource Kit material. These labs are designed for the Windows 7 environment. Each lab contains a video file that walks through the content.

Instructor Supplement to CRK

This CRK Instructor Supplement provides faculty and instructor with solutions to assignments and quizzes which are included in the above Windows OS Internals Curriculum Resource Kit. The resources include PowerPoint presentation slides with quizzes, and experiments and assignments with sample solutions including source code. Note, faculty verification is required to download this material.

Windows Research Kernel Source Code

The Windows Research Kernel (WRK) packages core Windows XP x64/Server 2003 SP1 (2005 edition) kernel sources with an environment for building and testing of experiments and projects based on modifying the Windows kernel, enabling advanced teaching and research that promote better understanding of the Windows architecture and implementation.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Use of the Windows Research Kernel requires academic affiliation with an accredited institution of higher education and direct involvement in teaching and/or research, such as being academic faculty members, system or lab administrators or instructors, students enrolled in relevant undergraduate or graduate programs, or academic researchers working on faculty sponsored projects.
  • Users must accept the terms and conditions of the Microsoft Windows Research Kernel Source Code License.

ProjectOZ Experimental Environment

ProjectOZ is an experimental environment that is built on top of the native NT API for universities to use as a platform for operating system projects.

ProjectOZ is free and available to any member of an academic institution or student who accepts the terms of the ProjectOZ license agreement.

Faculty Experiences

Universities are now using the Windows Academic Program to teach and invigorate the Operating Systems curriculum. Take a look at the examples from classrooms around the globe to see how this program is being implemented.


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