Value of MSDN Academic Alliance

Why should my department get an MSDN Academic Alliance membership?
An MSDN AA membership is the most efficient and cost effective means of bringing professional-level developer and designer software and tools to your department. By doing so, you give faculty access to tools necessary to help them enhance the instruction they provide to students, and students will gain a distinct advantage with in-class learning and out-of-class projects, and get training and hands-on experience using the most current Microsoft technologies. By making MSDN AA software and tools part of the resources available to your students and faculty you add value to your school’s academic offerings and help maximize the overall value of education your students receive.
  • An MSDN Academic Alliance software subscription includes the Microsoft platform, servers, and developer tools software as well as betas, new releases, and technical support.
  • Free access to e-academy's License Management System (ELMS) for automated distribution of software and product keys to eligible users via the Web. By electing to use ELMS as a distribution method for your department, you save valuable time you would otherwise spend in the distribution of software and product keys, tracking usage, and maintaining servers.
  • MSDN AA Subscriber Downloads provide administrators instant online access to all available MSDN AA content.
  • Training and technical support as you are setting up your department's system.
  • Ability to chat with Product Support Services technicians on various technologies.
Professional software from MSDN AA helps students:
  • Increase the level of student engagement in class by helping them see the relevance of curriculum to the real-world.
  • Complement in-class learning with the use of professional-level developer and designer software and tools.
  • Recognize the value of the education they are receiving as they gain valuable project skills and experience.
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