ELMS – Electronic License Management System

Microsoft has partnered with e-academy to create Electronic License Management System (ELMS), a license management system that can be custom-tailored to meet the specific needs of your department. Your students and faculty can download MSDN AA software and license keys from your department’s exclusive online download center.
ELMS automatically performs many of the administrative functions of your MSDN AA Program; because it records and tracks all license keys provided to each student identity, it eliminates the need for your Program Administrator to spend valuable time accounting for this information. In addition, your users have access to easy-to-use, 24x7 service. ELMS is offered as a FREE member benefit to all MSDN Academic Alliance member departments worldwide.
What are the benefits of using ELMS?
  • A private website accessed only by you and your faculty/students
  • Organizes MSDN AA software into a browsable online products catalogue
  • Requires end-user authentication prior to enabling distribution
  • Distributes software via many delivery methods including Hosted ELMS: download directly via ELMS
  • Distributes all product keys (activation codes) required for installation.
  • Distributes Student Use Guidelines and tracks student agreements during the ordering process.
  • Tracks all software distributed to students and faculty
  • Meets all Microsoft compliance requirements
  • Respects and protects your students' and faculty members' privacy
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