Value of MSDN AA for Faculty

What is the value of the MSDN Academic Alliance program to me as an educator?
By incorporating the use of professional-level developer and designer software and tools into your curriculum you will be able to enhance the level of instruction you provide to students through in-class instruction, out-of-class assignments and individual projects. Enhance the level of instruction you provide to your students by enabling them to gain valuable hands-on experience and skills that they will need to get ahead in their careers.
Through the MSDN AA you have access to:
  • Tutorials, code samples, projects, white papers with an academic focus, case studies, and other relevant content that is appropriate and useful for faculty members
  • Faculty Connection, a community website which features a wide range of resources for faculty teaching STEM and VIDA courses.
  • Training for MSDN AA faculty on the use of the technology provided through the MSDN AA program.
  • Project submission area where faculty can share and collaborate on projects
  • MSDN AA Monitored Newsgroups, where faculty are able to communicate and collaborate with one another
Professional software from MSDN AA helps you:
  • Increase the level of student engagement in class by helping them understand the relevance that the curriculum that you are teaching has to real-world applications, and demonstrate how what they are learn in the classroom will ultimately help them. achieve success in their professional careers
  • Complement your in-class lessons with out-of-class assignments that incorporate the use of a professional-level tool suite
  • Help your students the increase the value of education they are receiving by helping them gain valuable project skills and hands-on experience
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