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Microsoft Sponsors Innovative Teaching and Learning Research

Leaders around the world understand the need to prepare their youth for the future, a goal that requires a fundamental transformation of education and the integration of technology into teaching and learning.

As part of our commitment to education transformation, Microsoft is supporting the Innovative Teaching and Learning (ITL) research project to contribute information and policy insights on effective education transformation. This project is guided by a team of international advisors from organizations such as UNESCO and OECD, is managed by SRI International and Langworthy Research, and conducted in close collaboration with government partners in each participating country. Full information on the project is located at

Multiyear global research program

The primary focus of this research is on innovative teaching practices that provide students with learning experiences that promote 21st-century skills. "Innovative teaching practices" are characterized by student-centered pedagogy, learning opportunities that transcend the school walls, and the integration of information and communications technology (ICT) into teaching and learning. One of ITL's unique contributions will be a set of methods that can support the measurement of those teaching practices across highly divergent schooling contexts, from emerging markets to advanced industrialized countries. Another contribution is the study of the connection between teaching practices and the resulting achievement of students' 21st-century skills.

ITL Research Global Research Questions

  1. To what extent do innovative teaching practices contribute to 21st-century learning outcomes?

  2. What school-level conditions contribute to innovative teaching practices?

  3. How are national or regional program supports associated with increases in innovative teaching practices?

Pilot program

In 2009 - 2010, the pilot year of this study, research will be carried out in Finland, Indonesia, Russia, and Senegal, selected to reflect the range of economic, cultural, and educational conditions around the world. In later years of the study, additional countries are expected to join the study. Over time, the intention is for ITL Research to become a research platform that many school systems and countries can use to monitor changes in teaching practices and outcomes.

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