Training resources for Microsoft in Education

These programs help educators connect with each other, prepare students for tomorrow's careers, and provide learners with increased access to technology and training.
Watch education-related webcasts on a variety of topics aimed at helping to enhance learning environments and to benefit schools.
Send your team to seminars designed for leaders responsible for training educators to integrate technology in the classroom.
Find Office video training tutorials and free 15 minute webinars.
Use Education Competencies and success profiles to determine characteristics that can lead to successful education employees.
In-person and online / PCs for Adult Learners
Check out the My PC Series, a free set of hands-on, classroom-based curricula that Microsoft developed for adult learning.
In-person and online / Microsoft IT Academy
Join the subscription-based membership program that helps schools to offer learning solutions for IT skills training and certification.
Finding computer training and certification for Microsoft products and technologies.
Find faculty resources, videos, information and events.