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Discover technology that ensures students develop modern skills including communication,collaboration,problem solving,and global awareness. Read the study by IDC to gain insights on skills,including Microsoft Office, to prepare students for the workforce.

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  • Innovative Schools

    Microsoft Innovative Schools empower school leaders to discover and share best practices to foster a culture of innovation.

  • Windows in the Classroom

    Discover how Windows in the Classroom is a source of inspiration for school leaders and educators who want to understand how to optimize technology in the classroom.

  • Education Competencies

    These Competencies represent many of the attributes, behaviors, areas of knowledge, skills, and abilities required for successful job performance in education.

Transforming education

As schools leaders, we understand you are focused on ensuring technology is integrated into the classroom in a meaningful way to ensure students develop the skills to ensure they are ready for the workforce. Microsoft is the best choice for education and our devices and services are built for education. As partners in learning, we support schools with online professional development for school leaders and educators, free teacher resources and classroom activities, ad-free safe search for schools, develop technology skills for students and enable free collaboration with Skype for the classroom.

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    Integrating technology in school

    Cincinnati County Day School enhances learning with Windows 8

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Preparing Students for Their Futures