School and Campus Administration

  • Student information systems
  • Student relationship management
  • Facilities, food services, and transportation management
  • Financial management
  • Storage and backup

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Efficient and effective school and campus management systems

Manage your administration functions including facilities, food services, and transportation

Find solutions that help your school or campus run efficiently with facilities, food services, transportation solutions and more from Microsoft partners.

Streamline teacher evaluations and certifications

Eliminate paper processes, and help increase consistency and efficiency for the teacher certification process and other career-related processes.

Track recruiting and admissions

Target your marketing effectiveness toward prospective students and other audiences, and track event attendance and the success of marketing campaigns—all in the same program with Microsoft Dynamics. Automate the recruiting life cycle, including prospective student record management, funnel reporting and analytics, email communications and tracking, web-based forms for inquiry and event registration, travel and event management, and online admissions applications.

Streamline finance and accounting

Improve your financial reporting and regulatory compliance with easy-to-use solutions. Microsoft financial management solutions free-up staff time by streamlining accounting and payroll, records management, student information systems, and automate reporting to make it easier to stay compliant with local, state, and federal requirements. Our financial management solutions are based on Microsoft Dynamics, which work with familiar Microsoft Office applications.

Manage grants

Microsoft Dynamics grant management functionality lets you track the usage of grant funding and grant costs. And it can help ensure compliance with specific guidelines and regulations, improving your ability to qualify for additional grant funding.

Help avoid vendor lock-down

With a flexible platform that interoperates your existing data, content and processes from multiple systems and devices.

Automate storage and backup

Backups help ensure that your files aren't permanently lost or damaged. Set up automatic backups in Windows so you don't have to remember to back up files.

Keep it all safe, private, and secure

Explore security features in Windows that can help you take on the challenge of staff and students bringing their own devices and address the modern challenges of mobile teachers and students.


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