Education Analytics for Schools

Monitor, analyze, and report on student and teacher information, and help improve outcomes.

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Education Analytics for Schools

Benefit from education analytics with Microsoft solutions for education that can help you :

  • Measure student performance at individual and group levels
  • Create analytical models that help predict performance
  • Get critical data in real time

Improve dashboards and budget management

Put big data to work at your K–12 school

Get a 360-degree view of student progress and teacher performance

Bring together valuable data from multiple sources, and get the big picture. For example, correlate student test scores against graduation rates, or create an early warning system for dropout prevention by using data about student absences.

Help students perform better

Give teachers and administrators a clear picture of student performance at an individual or group level so they can adjust instruction accordingly.

Make better decisions

Inform routine decisions and long-range strategic planning across all business functions and disciplines with accurate, readily available data. Give the right people access to the information that may be locked away in silos.

Track progress against key performance indicators

Monitor and analyze the factors that contribute to teacher effectiveness on student outcomes. Use business intelligence to identify at-risk students, correlate data to determine which interventions help most, and provide scorecards to reveal district-wide performance.

Help reduce inefficiency, and free up resources for the classroom

Manage budgets more efficiently so you can gain a better understanding of projected revenues and expenditures, keep track of your financial health, and compare your costs for services, such as transportation, to other districts.

Stay accountable

Quickly and easily generate the reports you need for your school board and for local, state, and federal requirements. Plus, improve responses to legislative and grant requests to help maximize funding opportunities.


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