Education Analytics and Research Management

  • Student analytics
  • Personalized learning solutions
  • Research management
  • Performance management for higher education institutions

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Harness the power of your data and research

Monitor, analyze, and report your data efficiently

Microsoft’s data platform based on Azure for education and SQL Server and Microsoft partner solutions make it possible for schools and universities to harness the power of their data to monitor, analyze, and report on student, institutional and research data.

Put big data to work at your school

Help students perform better – bring together valuable data from multiple sources, and get the big picture. For example, correlate student test scores against graduation rates, or create an early warning system for retention and dropout prevention.

Make better decisions for your campus

Inform routine decisions and long-range strategic planning across all functions and disciplines with accurate, readily available data.

Stay accountable

Quickly and easily generate the reports you need for your school board and for local, state, and federal requirements. Plus, improve responses to legislative and grant requests to help maximize funding opportunities.

Set research free

Enable better collaboration and deliver smarter tools for analysis, development and professional authoring, plus scalable and powerful on-demand computing at a lower cost of ownership.


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