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We're getting our kit together to head out to Earl's Court (2) next week (22nd - 23rd October) for Apps World.With over 250 exhibitors and 8,000 attendees, Apps World is the leading global multi-platform event in the app industry. This year, they have 12 targeted workshop spaces, including free events at Developer World, Gaming World and Tech World. It's set to be a great event for us, as we have several key Microsoft Evangelists and Partners speaking at the event. We'll also be showing off some of our great new devices - but you'll have to visit us on the day, to see what we've got in store!

If you haven't got a ticket to Apps World yet, you can register for a free pass. Many of the events (even some mentioned below) are FREE to attend.


We'll be at Apps World on both 22nd and 23rdOctober on stand 314 (opposite Tech World). Microsoft recommended speakers across the two days, include:

Keynote from James Whittaker, Technical Evangelist at Microsoft
DEV WORLD / 22 Oct / 1000 - 1030 (FREE)

James will be speaking about 'Intent Commerce'. Every app developer wants more users but can be limited in their discoverability in an app store and dependent on users installing, launching and running their app. James Whittaker proposes another way: what if an app's functionality could be made available to any user whose intent matched the app's capabilities?

Tuesday 22nd October

Panel: Working with developers to create a successful launch
GAMING WORLD / 22 Oct / 0945 - 1030 (FREE)

This panel is about investment, budgeting and strategies to launch a game.

Andy Payne, CEO at AppyNation
Jonathan Wisler, General Manager EMEA at SoftLayer Technologies Inc.
Anna Marsh, Project Manager/Game Designer at Lady Shotgun
Sean Clark, Director of Developer Relations at Big Fish Games

Panel: Social gaming: behind all the fun and games
GAMING WORLD / 22 Oct / 1430 - 1500 (FREE)

This panel is about bringing the social to gaming and how adding social elements to your games build user-engagement and keep players coming back.

Jurian van der Meer, Managing Director at Endemol Games
Sebastian Kriese, Corporate Partnerships at Wooga
Raf Keustermans, Co-Founder & CEO at Plumbee
Jeff Coghlan, MD at

Talk: 'Helping the Lions roar - building a multi-platform app for the British and Irish Lions'
British Lions, Steve Dunford & Jon Stoneman from Sequence
TECH WORLD / 22 Oct / 1400 - 1440 (FREE)

This session tells the story of how digital agency Sequence teamed up with Microsoft to build a feature-rich multi-platform mobile app for the British and Irish Lions 2013 tour to Australia. Taking a look at the architecture and design of the apps, the benefits of using Azure, .NET, Xamarin and MVVM, and some of the challenges faced in delivering quality cross-platform apps to tight timescales.

Talk: 'Starting an indie game studio at uni'
James Mintram (Lemon Moose)
GAMING WORLD / 22 Oct / 1620 - 1640 (FREE)

If you're a budding student developer, this is the talk for you. Lemon Moose Games was started by James Mitram and Tomasz Kandziora when they had just started their second year at university and they will discuss in this session how you can create a successful start-up, while at university.

Talk: 'Building a cloud back-end in seconds'
Steve Plank, Technical Evangelist at Microsoft
DROID WORLD / 22 Oct / 1600 - 1630 (FREE)

In a move that may surprise some, Microsoft Evangelist, Steve Plank is taking to the Android stand to talk about how developers are working on Android, can utilise Microsoft's cloud services.

Panel: App design to satisfy app stores & consumers alike
DEVELOPER WORLD / 22 Oct / 1630 - 1710 (FREE)

This panel discusses what elements to include in an app build, establishing priorities, evolving responsive designs, touch design challenges & design fundamentals in tablet and phone apps.

Moderator: Martin Bryant, Editor in Chief at The Next Web
Andrew Spooner, Technical Evangelist at Microsoft
James Griffin, Head of Mobile User Experience at BAE Systems Detica
Paul Cooper, Head of App Development at Imagine Publishing
Kathryn Leach, Senior User Experience Designer at BBC

Panel: Rise of freemium
GAMING WORLD / 23 Oct / 0940 - 1020 (FREE)

This panel will discuss the freemium model and how games producers can monetise their products through ad delivery and micro-payments.

Moderator: Nicholas Lovell, Director of GamesBrief
Daniel Fiske, CTO and Co-Founder of Clickfun Casino
Andrew Smith, Managing Director of Spilt Milk Studios
Nour Khrais, Founder & CEO of Maysalward
James Vallis, Senior producer at Rebellion

Talk: 'Why Lego launched on Windows 8'
Mike Hawkyard from Amuzo Games
GAMING WORLD / 23 Oct / 1050 - 1120 (FREE)

Mike tells the story of how marketing changes have affected his company, his clients and the games they produce, all resulting in the launch of LEGO Hero Factory on Windows 8.

Panel: Cross platform - exploring methodologies & tools
DEVELOPER WORLD / 23 Oct / 1400 - 1440 (FREE)

This panel will discuss the idea of one app: multiple platforms and debate methodologies that can help overcome this challenge.

Danny Lousberg, Director of the QEO program, Technicolor Connected Home division at Technicolor
Lee Stott, Technology Evangelist at Microsoft
Vladimir Mitrovic, Software Development Engineer at Nordeus

Panel: Meeting the challenges of HTML5 app design and development
HTML5 / 23 Oct / 1400 - 1440

This panel will cover how to create HTML5 apps that work effectively across multi-platforms and how to improve your app performance immediately with HTML5.

Matthew O'Connor, Lead HTML5 Mobile Developer at Thomson Reuters
Luca Sale, Developer Evangelist at BlackBerry
Phillip Julian, Principal User Experience Manager Mobile Channel at Vodafone
Martin Beeby, Technical Evangelist at Microsoft

Panel: Approaches to development and distribution in the enterprise environment
ENTERPRISE WORLD / 23 Oct / 1410 - 1500 (FREE)

This panel will cover the problems of architecture and integration, user experience, what excites CIOs and much more.

Simon May, Technical Evangelist, Microsoft
Dr. Yuan Shao, Software Development Manager, Canon Europe
Phil Lenton, Founder & CEO, iPresent
David Arnold, Senior Enterprise Developer, BlackBerry
Gabriel Weiss, Interactive Marketing Technologies, Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating

Talk: 'How connectivity changes everything'
M2M AND AUTOMOTIVE APPS / 23 Oct / 1505 - 1515

As the world invariably becomes more connected, this will impact almost every business process that exists today. Traditional businesses will be disrupted if they cannot keep up. New and exciting business models with emerge as customer service becomes more pro-active, inventory levels show in real-time and customers are directly involved in the business process.

Panel: Is HTML5 right for large corporations?
Martin Beeby, Technical Evangelist at Microsoft
HTML5 / 23 Oct / 1530 - 1610

This panel explores how HTML5 can change the realities of developing in an enterprise environment.

Colin Eberhardt, CTO of ShinobiControls and Head of Technology at Scott Logic
Noel Massey, Solutions Architect at Motorola
Martin Beeby, Developer Evangelist at Microsoft
Frits Reneman, VP IT Centre of Excellence Marketing at Adidas

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