Tone of Voice and Brand Identity

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This is film number 5 in a series of conversations around the design principles for modern Windows products. It looks at they way we choose to use words in our applications. The key point I was looking to address with this film was how as designers and developers of applications, we need to consider how we communicate to our users in every aspect, not just within the digital interface itself. I choose to interview an old colleague of mine, Nigel Edginton-Vigus as he's one of he most passionate people I've worked with when it comes to putting words into a product.

If there's only one point you take away from this film, it should be about brand schizophrenia. Make sure that the tone you use in your graphic design carries over to your typographic design in turn carries over to the words you pick to put into all your communications.

If there are brands or applications that you think do this particularly well, let me know in the comments below, I'm always keen to hear people's thoughts on this subject.


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