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PCs, Laptops & Tablets

PCs, Laptops & Tablets

All PCs, laptops and tablets use operating system software such as Windows to help you control and command the device. When you turn on the device and navigate your way around your computer, the operating system is what you see.

Below are some family safety tips for setting up a Windows 8 PC, laptop or tablet. If your computer uses a different operating system, make sure you visit your software provider's website for specific guidance on the safety features available.

Set up user accounts for each family member

  • The Family Safety settings in Windows 8 make it simple to keep track of how and when your kids use the computer and limit the websites, apps, and games they access.

  • To take advantage of Family Safety settings, you first need to create separate user accounts for each member of the family. For a step-by-step video guide on how to do this, see Create a user account.

  • If your child already has a Microsoft account, or an email address they use with Microsoft services like Hotmail or Xbox LIVE, you can also add that account to your PC through Family Safety.

  • To turn on Family Safety and set parameters for each child, you then need to create administrator account.

  • For more information on setting up Windows 8 accounts, see Which user account is right for me?

Set up specific Family Safety limits

Use Family Safety regularly to monitor your children's activity

  • To get a better sense of whether your children are finishing their homework or spending too much time online, Family Safety lets you monitor your kids' accounts.

  • When you turn on Family Safety for a child's user account, monitoring starts automatically. You'll then receive regular activity report emails from Family Safety, showing how much time your children spend on the computer, the websites they visit, the games and apps they use, and the terms they look up in search engines like Bing.

  • You can also open a more detailed report on the Family Safety website and change permissions and other settings.

  • For step-by-step instructions on how to use the Family Safety settings in Windows 8, see Monitoring your kids' PC activity.

Filter out adult content online

  • As a complement to Windows Family Safety, you can set limits on your internet search engine (the website you use to search the internet).

  • For example, if you are using Bing as your search engine, you can keep sites that contain sexually explicit content out of search results using SafeSearch.

  • You can also customise your internet browser (the programme you use to access the internet).

  • For example, you can protect your children from offensive pop-up windows using the pop-up blocker in Internet Explorer.

  • Consider using a customised internet browser on your PC which provides children with immediate access to Think U Know, where they can report any concerns they have. Download the free customised version of Internet Explorer.