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Pre-school (2-4 years old)

Pre-school (2-4 years old)

Even at a young age, children instinctively want to interact with the technology around them.

And with more and more devices being controlled by intuitive controls like touch and featuring educational apps, it’s quickly becoming second nature for them. But of course, at such a young age, it’s important they are always supervised – whether switching on the TV, playing on a games console, or using the home computer.

To make sure your youngest aren’t able to see or do anything you don’t want them to, check our advice on how to set up the safety settings on various devices in My devices.

Kids Corner on Windows Phone

Keeping young children's attention away from portable devices such as mobile phones can be particularly difficult. So it’s worth familiarising yourself with the keypad locking functions that mobiles have as standard.

If you have a smartphone powered by Windows Phone 8, you can use the built-in Kid's Corner tool to control what your children can access on your phone.

Kid’s Corner lets you select apps and features which are safe for your children to use. Then all you need to do is select the Kid's Corner function when handing your phone over to them. They can then personalise their own start screen, take their own pictures, play games, watch videos and listen to their favourite tunes safely and without affecting your settings.

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