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    BN_CLICKED notification code (Windows)
    Sent when the user clicks a button. The parent window of the button receives this notification code through the WM_COMMAND message.
    BN_DISABLE notification code (Windows)
    Note This notification code is provided only for compatibility with 16-bit versions of Windows earlier than version 3.0. Applications should use the BS_OWNERDRAW ...
    Trojan:Win32/Tracur.BN can contact the following remote hosts: using port 80; using port 1083; Commonly, malware contacts a remote host to:
    Hi All, I am using MFC in my VC++ 2005. In many forms, I have many checkbox controls, and the following code map a function to a checkbox: ON_BN_CLICKED(IDC_CHECK ...
    ON_BN_CLICKED calls a different handler function
    Hi guys! I can't figure out this problem: I started working in a Visual C++ 2005 using MFC in a program that had: -2 Radio button controls. (Which allow to ...
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    Windows Blog
    With Windows 10 being released July 29, 2015, we want to update you on some new things and some things you can do to get ready now.
    Microsoft technician scam - Microsoft Community
    Microsoft technician scam DV. dvsocialwork asked on September 21, 2012. I got a ...
    [ARCHIVED] [SOLVED]Problems getting UM to work with ...
    Jul 30 10:43:59 internal IP of Audiocodes Trace 0-4: 10ae7d50 bn_mul_add_words 10b02ee4 BN_from_montgomery 10b03258 BN_mod_mul_montgome 10afb944 BN_mod_exp ...
    [ARCHIVED] [SOLVED]What is the abbreviation "TTL" mean ...
    Information about Office 365 ProPlus and Office 365 Small Business Premium which provide the complete Office client suite as a monthly subscription service
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