General information for bn
    BN_SETFOCUS notification code (Windows)
    Sent when a button receives the keyboard focus. The button must have the BS_NOTIFY style to send this notification code. The parent window of the button receives this ...
    BN_KILLFOCUS (Windows CE 5.0)
    BN_KILLFOCUS (Windows CE 5.0) Send Feedback. This message is sent when a button loses the keyboard focus. The button must have the BS_NOTIFY style to send this ...
    I can't seem to get to the activation screen. I recently repaired my windows XP. It now wants me to activate it. It says it can not log me on until I ...
    Support for bn
    TrojanDownloader:Win32/Tracur.B listens on an undefined TCP port (such as TCP port 1345) and waits for instructions from an attacker.
    Worm:Win32/Vobfus.BN is a member of Win32/Vobfus - a family of worms that spreads via network drives and removable drives. It may also download and execute ...
    Worm:Win32/Slenfbot.BN is a worm that can spread via MSN Messenger. The worm also contains backdoor functionality that allows unauthorized access to an ...
    VirTool:Win32/Obfuscator are detections for programs that have had their purpose obfuscated to hinder analysis or detection by anti-virus scanners.
    Download Update for Root Certificates for Windows XP ...
    This item updates the list of root certificates on your computer to the list that is accepted by Microsoft as part of the Microsoft Root Certificate Program.
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