General information for education Controls
    Office 365 extends the controls implemented to meet these standards to customers who are not necessarily subject to the respective laws or controls. ISO 27001.
    How does the Parental Controls web filter work?
    The Parental Controls web filter rates the content of websites, and it can block some websites based on the content categories you decide are objectionable.
    Education Research Group: MultiPoint
    One dominant child controls the mouse, while others are passive onlookers, ... The second and primary aspect we have been focusing on is from the education perspective.
    PMID: 10855055
    PMID: 10855055. Attentional ... ( PTSD- ; n = 16 ) and age- and education-matched nontraumatized controls ( CTRL ; n = 16 ) on tests of attention . ...
    Projects | Coding4Fun | Channel 9
    Coding 4 Fun. Blog; Projects; Kinect; Articles; ... The Coding4Fun Kinect Toolkit is a set of extension methods and controls to make developing ...
    Support for education Controls
    Microsoft CityNext
    Education "By implementing a ... controls, and line-of-business ... Microsoft CityNext is a global initiative that harnesses the power of people ...
    Microsoft – Official Home Page
    At Microsoft our mission and values are to help people and businesses throughout the world realize their full potential.
    Download Microsoft Experience Pack for Tablet PC from ...
    If you have a Tablet PC, the Experience Pack is a must. Download the Experience Pack and get six new programs that will help you be more productive and ...
    Protecting Children Online
    Learn about how Microsoft is working to help protect children online through better tools (such as parental controls), education, and collaboration with ...
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