General information for globaldev reference
    DllImport OEM to ANSI from DBF?
    DllImport OEM to ANSI from DBF? Visual Studio Languages , ... The OEM code pages are defined here: ...
    [MS-OFREF]: Microsoft Office Master Reference [CompositeFormatting] Microsoft Corporation, "Composite Formatting", .NET Framework Developer's
    mbstowcs_s does not return an error when the current code ...
    ... 8F is undefined, 9F is 'Ÿ" ( int error = mbstowcs_s(count, wcStr, 10, mbStr, -1); ...
    Windows Search Installation - Microsoft TechNet
    Windows Search 4.0 (WS4) is released as a software package in a single, self-executing file. The naming convention for the Windows Search installation ...
    Ken Hsu's Weblog - MSDN Blogs
    Ken Hsu's Weblog. Welcome to my MSDN blog! ... Here is the official Microsoft knowledge centre for MUI:
    Support for globaldev reference
    Windows 932_FC
    Microsoft Windows Codepage : 932 (Japanese Shift-JIS) Lead Byte = 0xFC
    ISO 28597
    iso character set 8859-7 (greek) 00 = u+0000 : null 01 = u+0001 : start of heading 02 = u+0002 : start of text 03 = u+0003 : end of text 04 = u+0004 : end ...
    OEM 737
    Microsoft Windows OEM Codepage : 737 (Greek)
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