General information for globaldev reference
    Language problem
    For XP: ...
    10-4 Episode 1: Working with the Visual Studio 2010 CTP ...
    You can find the different keyboard layouts here (works only with Internet Explorer):
    How to create the regional and language settings for an ...
    ... see the Windows XP Preinstallation Reference help file located in the Support\Tools\ folder on your Windows XP ...
    Language problem
    For XP: ...
    Support for globaldev reference
    Windows 932_83
    Microsoft Windows Codepage : 932 (Japanese Shift-JIS) Lead Byte = 0x83
    Windows 949_A4
    Microsoft Windows Codepage : 949 (Korean) Lead Byte = 0xA4
    National Language Support (NLS) API Reference
    About Globaldev. This site contains information for developers of global applications. Included are multilingual issues, Unicode development, localization ...
    How To Enable Legacy Dos Application To Use Hebrew Fonts ...
    The following knowledgebase will help you to add Hebrew support for legacy dos applications
    The GetThreadLocale function returns an incorrect user ... ( Back to the top | Give Feedback.
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