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    Windows Keyboard Layouts
    To see different keyboard states, move the mouse over state keys such as Shift, Caps or AltGr. You can also lock or unlock those keys by clicking them.
    Code Pages Supported by Windows -- Windows Code Pages
    The lists below provide links to graphical representations and textual listings of each of the Windows codepages.
    ISO 28605
    iso character set 8859-15 (latin 9) 00 = u+0000 : null 01 = u+0001 : start of heading 02 = u+0002 : start of text 03 = u+0003 : end of text 04 = u+0004 : end of ...
    Windows 936_82
    Microsoft Windows Codepage : 936 (Simplified Chinese GBK) Lead Byte = 0x82. 8240 = U+4FA4 : CJK UNIFIED IDEOGRAPH 8241 = U+4FAB : CJK UNIFIED IDEOGRAPH
    windows 7 installation - Microsoft Community
    windows 7 installation i have ... Check the various keyboard layouts here:, ...
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    Code page 950 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Code page 950 is Microsoft's implementation of the de facto standard Big5. The code page is not registered with IANA, and hence, is not a standard to communicate ...
    Code Pages Supported by Windows -- OEM - FlagShip Home Page
    Code Pages Supported by Windows -- OEM 1 von 1 03.12.2004 12:50 Home | Site Map
    Windows PC Guy » Locale codes for Windows Deployment
    The Windows PC Guy site is dedicated to bring you tips and tricks to get you deploying and using Windows. Real help that you can use right now.
    Re: How to find charts for various charsets?
    Maybe in reply to: Leon Spencer: "How to find charts for various charsets?" Next in thread: Stephan Peters: ...
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