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    List of Localized MS Operating Systems
    List of Localized MS Operating Systems. The following tables list the many localized versions of Microsoft Windows operating systems. Details below include:
    Locale IDs Assigned by Microsoft
    Locale IDs Assigned by Microsoft. The following table lists the locales/languages with an assigned Locale ID (LCID). The purpose of the document is to help developers ...
    OEM 737
    Microsoft Windows OEM Codepage : 737 (Greek) 00 = U+0000 : NULL 01 = U+0001 : START OF HEADING 02 = U+0002 : START OF TEXT 03 = U+0003 : END OF TEXT
    Windows 932_87
    Microsoft Windows Codepage : 932 (Japanese Shift-JIS) Lead Byte = 0x87. 8740 = U+2460 : CIRCLED DIGIT ONE 8741 = U+2461 : CIRCLED DIGIT TWO
    Changing windows xp os language (Tech Off | Channel 9) Control Panel -> Regional & Language Settings . That doesn't change everything.
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    Multilingual User Interface (MUI) Updates Are Included ...
    The updates for Multilingual User Interface Pack (MUI) for Windows XP are included in the English-language version of Windows XP Service Pack 1 (SP1).
    Error message when you start PerformancePoint Add-in for ... ( In the LCID list on this Web site, ...
    How To Enable Legacy Dos Application To Use Hebrew Fonts ...
    How To Enable Legacy Dos Application To Use Hebrew Fonts Under Command Line ... Please review Microsoft reference ... ...
    The GetThreadLocale function returns an incorrect user ... ( Back to the top | Give Feedback.
    How to change display names of Active Directory users
    When a new user is created in Active Directory, the Full name field is always generated in FirstName ... ( ...
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