General information for licensing existing customers media
    Microsoft Volume Licensing Blog - TechNet Blogs
    ... Volume licensing customers can ... the Product Terms should make it significantly easier for customers to parse existing licensing ... including recent media ...
    Customer Story
    ... TeleComputing will significantly reduce virtualization licensing costs and be able to deliver solutions to customers faster using cloud ... Media & Cable. Mining.
    Microsoft Exchange licensing FAQ – email for business
    Get answers to common licensing questions about transitioning between Exchange Server versions, pricing and licensing, Exchange Online, and more.
    Microsoft Windows Licensing Fact Sheet
    Microsoft Windows Licensing Fact Sheet Important tips so your customers can make the best choices for their organization when they acquire Microsoft® Windows ...
    Academic Licensing Brief: New Software Assurance Benefits ...
    New Software Assurance Benefits * The following new Software Assurance benefits will be available to qualifying Microsoft Academic Volume Licensing customers as of ...
    Support for licensing existing customers media
    Microsoft Volume Licensing - Frequently Asked Questions ...
    Frequently asked questions about ... Volume Licensing customers can find their ... Information on how to obtain physical media will be available for ...
    Microsoft Volume Licensing - Resources for Existing ...
    Access resources to help you download, manage, register, and activate your Microsoft Volume Licenses and products.
    Microsoft Volume Licensing – Windows 10
    Windows 10 Pro and Windows 10 Enterprise Volume Licensing is the most cost-effective way for commercial customers to upgrade PCs to Windows 10 Enterprise.
    Genuine Windows for your business - Microsoft Windows
    Genuine Windows for your business. ... Customers with existing PCs in need of legalization ... For most volume licensing customers, ...
    Microsoft Volume Licensing - Activation Centers
    See a list of international phone numbers that Microsoft Volume Licensing customers can use to obtain Volume License Keys from a local activation center.
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