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    Thanks mgaur.{You are always Helpful} OK That mean there is no way that I can avoid Is there any way I can bundle this System.Sr.dll with my ...
    System Research Group - Microsoft Research
    We live in an exciting time for systems research given the explosion of digital data mined from our world and social relationships, new experiences such as cloud ...
    System.IO, EndOfStream and ReadLine error!
    var sr = new StreamWriter(s.Stream); You are creating a new StreamWriter in this line, but I guess you want to use a StreamReader here instead.
    Microsoft Server Speech Platform 10.1 Released (SR and TTS ...
    Want to build your speech application with speech recognitions and synthesis? Install the package below, you can now use SR and TTS in 26 language easily.
    Sr. Chinarro FANfinity app for Windows in the Windows Store
    Are you a fan of Sr. Chinarro? If so then this FANfinity app is for you! Watch videos of Sr. Chinarro, browse their photographs or read about what they've been up to.
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    OFF2000: 什么是 sr-1a 更新?
    Office 2000 sr-1a 更新包括两个原始 Office 2000 服务版本 1 (sr-1) 更新和在 Office 2000/windows 2000 注册表修复工具所提供的功能。安装程序逻辑中的此更改是原始的 sr-1 更新唯一新增。 本文"更多信息"一节概述了几种方案可以 ...
    OFF2000: 为什么 Office 2000 SR-1/sr-1a 更新要求 Office 2000 光盘
    当您运行 Microsoft Office 2000 服务发布 1/1a (SR-1/sr-1a) 时可能会更新您的计算机 SR-1/sr-1a 更新上插入一个或多个您的 Office 2000 光盘的请求。这篇文章解释了为什么 SR-1/sr-1a 更新需要您的 Office 2000 光盘以及为什么您不能安装 < ...
    在 Visio 2000 服务版本 1 (sr-1) 中修复的问题
    Microsoft 发布了 Visio 2000 服务版本 1 (sr-1)。本文介绍了通过此服务版本来解决的问题。 注意 在 CD 上的 Visio 2000 服务版本 1 (sr-1) 更新不再可通过在 Microsoft 订购中心联系,以作为的 2004 年 1 月 1。此外,此更新不是从 ...
    当您尝试安装 Office 2000 sr-1 更新时收到一个"内部错误 2318年"或"错误 1326年"错误消息
    解释为"内部错误 2318年"或当您运行 Office 2000 sr-1 更新时收到的"错误 1326年"错误消息。需要您运行 Office 2000 sr-1 更新再次并启用详细日志记录,开启要解决此问题。
    您收到"错误 1316年。出现网络错误"错误消息的现有安装升级到 Office 2000 sr-1 完全安装产品时
    说明这一问题: 您收到"错误 1316年。出现网络错误"错误时运行 Office 2000 sr-1 完全安装产品的安装程序。您可以直接从选择的 sr-1 光盘或从管理安装点安装 Office。
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    Microsoft Project 2000: Language Packs for Microsoft ...
    The Microsoft Project Central 2000 Language Packs include files for displaying the Microsoft Project Central user interface and online Help in different ...
    Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 R2 Site ...
    This white paper provides guidelines and best practices for Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 R2 site resiliency.
    Speech SDK 5.1
    The Microsoft Speech SDK 5.1 adds Automation support to the features of the previous version of the Speech SDK. You can now use the Win32 Speech API (SAPI) ...
    Office 2000 Setup program
    Setupsr1.exe replaces the previous download Setupchn.exe, which contained Setup.exe version 9.0.2710.
    Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 Help Files for Finland
    This download contains the translated help files for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 Help Files for Finland.
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    SR - Socially Relevant Film Festival New York
    SR Socially Relevant Film Festival New York brings films with socially relevant content to a larger audience.
    Home - SR SUNTOUR Cycling
    21.11.2014 HIGHLIGHTS 2014 SR Suntour’s Werx program is built on our passion and inspiration for riding dirt, for our... Read more »
    Chemical - Strontium (Sr)
    Name: Strontium Symbol: Sr Atomic Number: 38 Atomic Mass: 87.62 amu Melting Point: 769.0 °C (1042.15 K, 1416.2 °F) Boiling Point: 1384.0 °C (1657.15 K, 2523.2 °F)
    Ruger&#174; SR-762™ Autoloading Rifle - Sturm, Ruger &amp; Co., Inc.
    The Ruger® SR-762™ is a lightweight, quick-handling carbine that is an ideal rifle for those who appreciate the familiar and ergonomic AR-style platform.
    Strontium&#187;the essentials [WebElements Periodic Table]
    Strontium-90 (90 Sr) has a half-life of 28 years. It is a product of nuclear fallout and presents a major health problem. Strontium titanate is an interesting optical ...
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