General information for windowsserversystem+miis2003
    GAL Sync with 3 forests
    Required reading: And do the walkthoughts (there is one specifically one GALSync).
    What kind of Templates? Do you mean sample code for building an LDAP MA to talk to RACF using the Extensible MA SDK? If yes, then you can find sample code in the ...
    Government : Products Jan 05, 2007
    Troubleshooting the Central Forest Topology
    For general Microsoft Identity Integration Server (MIIS) information, go to Note:
    vb.net開發的login程式(win form),帳號要如何與AD帳號整合?
    若是願意花錢,也可以考慮 Microsoft Identity Integration Server (MIIS) 2003
    Support for windowsserversystem+miis2003
    Government : Products Jan 05, 2007
    Partners : Community Numerous Microsoft partners have already received their MIIS 2003 training and ...
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