My Nokia Symbian phone has been attacked by malware. What should I do?

If you know or suspect that your phone has been attacked by a virus or other malware distributed for example via Bluetooth or MMS, do the following:

Restart your phone

For phones with removable battery:1. Switch your phone off2. Remove the battery.3. After a few seconds, put the battery in and switch your phone on.

For phones with non-removable battery:1. Press and hold the power button until the phone vibrates and switches off.2. Switch your phone on again.

Reset your phone

1. Back up your important data using Nokia Suite application on your PC (Tools > Backup).2- Format your device through dialing *#7370#, it may be required to enter your phone's lock code (12345 by default unless you change it).3- Restore your data (Tools > Restore). Update the software

Make sure your phone is running the latest software. For downloads and assistance, go to your local Nokia website's support page.

Install antivirus softwareIf the previous attempts didn't work, try to search for a compatibe antivirus application on Nokia Store and install it on your device, then try to scan your device to remove the virus.

Visit Nokia Care PointIf you still suspect that your phone is not clean, bring it to Nokia Care Point for inspection.To find nearest location to you, go to the Support section of your local Nokia website.