You can set up your e-mail account by using the e-mail setup wizard in your device. The wizard allows you to set up the following types of e-mail accounts:

  1. POP / IMAP internet mail account for direct access to e-mail server. With this e-mail account you need to manually update your mailbox or retrieve the messages at defined times.
  2. Nokia Messaging mail account. This is Nokia consumer service where you can automatically synchronize your mailbox ("push" service) with popular internet based e-mail services (e.g. Yahoo! Mail, Google Mail, Windows Live Hotmail, Ovi Mail) as well as with POP / IMAP servers.
  3. Mail for Exchange mail account. With this e-mail type you get access to Microsoft Exchange corporate e-mail

This article describes how to set up the Nokia Messaging e-mail account (case 2 above). The mailbox will be added in Menu > Applications > Email.

Note that the Nokia Messaging service may not be available in all countries and operator networks.

Start the e-mail setup wizard. You can find the wizard in the following ways:

  • Select Set up e-mail if shown on your home screen.
  • Select Menu > Applications > Sett. wizard > E-mail setup (or Menu > Applications > E-mail setup).
  • Select Menu > Messaging > Options > Settings > E-mail > Mailboxes > Options > New mailbox.

When the setup wizard starts, select the following (note that the questions may vary depending on the Nokia Messaging version in your device):

  • Select Start.
  • Select OK if prompted to install Nokia Email client.
  • Select Yes when prompted to allow the application to use the network to send or receive data. The setup wizard will need to access the network in order to complete your configuration. Depending on your operator contract, this may involve some data transfer charges. Wait for the wizard to establish a network connection.
  • Select Start when prompted to start the E-mail setup
  • If prompted to select the E-mail service, select your service provider from the list (Ovi Mail, Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, Windows Live Hotmail etc.). 
  • Enter your E-mail address and select OK.
  • Enter your E-mail password and select OK.
  • If prompted to add the email address to your Nokia Messaging account, allow Nokia Messaging account to be activated or the email address to be added to your account (Yes! Activate my Nokia Messaging account or Add to my Nokia Messaging account)

After this, the mailbox will be created and can be accessed by selecting Menu > Applications > Email. If you want to add the mailbox to the home screen, long press an empty space on home screen, select Add content and then E-mail widget. If you have several mailboxes configured, the desired mailbox can be selected in the widget settings (long press the E-mail widget and select Settings). One mailbox at a time can be viewed on the home screen.

The mailbox settings can be modified later on by selecting Menu > Applications > Email > Options > Tools > Settings.