How do I “reset” my Nokia N91 device software?

Some devices may need to have their software reset in order to see the latest benefits, or to resolve other potential problems.

  • Backup your device memory to your PC using Nokia Ovi Suite
  • Copy your files (music, videos, documents, images etc) from the Nokia N91 hard drive to your PC (use of USB mass storage recommended).
  • Copy any original SISX, Java, etc. installation files for your applications, themes, etc. from your Nokia N91 hard drive or memory card to your PC. (Do not simply copy over the installed directories/files.)
  • Format your Nokia device’s hard drive by selecting Tools > Hard drive > Options > Format hard drive > Quick format (instructions are also in user the guide).
  • After the device has completely started up again, reset your device memory by selecting Menu > Tools > Settings > Phone > General > Orig. Phone Settings and entering 12345.
  • Restore your device memory from your PC using Nokia Ovi Suite by selecting Backup from the Ovi Suite menu and then selecting Restore.
  • Copy any hard drive or memory card contents from your memory card or PC back to your clean hard drive or memory card.
  • Re-install your applications/themes.