How can I take a backup with my Nokia N900 device?

You can take a backup of your N900 device either by using the backup application in N900 or by using Nokia Suite.

It is recommended to use the N900 backup application if a complete backup is required. The N900 backup will make it possible to restore e.g. the installed applications while the Nokia Suite backup provides more limited backup support.

You can take a backup with the N900 backup application in the following way:

  1. In Application menu, select Backup
  2. Select New backup
  3. Give the name for the backup
  4. Select the location where backup will be stored
  5. Select the data to be backed up

To restore from the backup:

  1. In Application menu, select Backup
  2. Select the backup from the list
  3. Select Restore
  4. Select the data to be restored