How can I transfer data from my Symbian phone to my Lumia phone?

You can transfer data from your Symbian phone to your Lumia phone using the Microsoft cloud service.

1. Install the Upload to SkyDrive app on your Symbian phone. You can get the app from the Store app or the Software Update app on your phone.2. Sign in to your Windows Live ID (also called Microsoft account), if you haven’t already done so.3. Use the Upload to SkyDrive app to upload data from your Symbian phone to the Microsoft cloud service.Your contacts are uploaded to Windows Live People. You can also view the contacts also via Windows Live Hotmail.Your photos are uploaded to SkyDrive.4. Sync the data from Microsoft cloud service with to your Lumia phone.Your contacts are synced with your Lumia phone People.You can view or save your photos on your Lumia phone.