Nokia Asha 309 - How do I set up Mail for Exchange on my Nokia S40 phone?

To set up Mail for Exchange, do the following:

  1. Depending on your phone model select one of the following and follow the instructions shown on your phone:
    1. Menu > Mail for Exchange or
    2. Menu > Apps > MyApps > Mail for Exchange or
    3. Menu > Apps and games > Mail for Exchange or
    4. Menu > Apps > Extras > Collection > Mail for Exchange.
  2. Read the welcome info and select Agree to continue.
  3. Fill in the Credentials and select Next. The app fetches your MS Exchange server name based on the data you gave. If this fails, you are prompted to give also your server name.
  4. When the application has connected to your mail server and checked your credentials, define Sync Options by selecting which Exchange items (emails, calendar and contacts) you want to be synced.Note: You can set sync also later via Settings.
  5. Depending on your mail server security policy, you may be asked to define a lock password for Mail for Exchange.

If you defined the Exchange items to be synced, the sync starts.

For detailed instructions on downloading and setting up Mail for Exchange on your Nokia Asha Full Touch screen phone please watch the following video:

Set up Mail for Exchange on touch screen phone