Start the initial setup wizard for your phone, connect to a network, set your region and time, and then your phone will ask you to sign in or create a new Microsoft account.

  • If you sign in to Xbox, Windows 8,, Skype or another Microsoft service, then you already have a Microsoft account, and you should tap sign in.
  • If not, tap create one to create a new Microsoft account. Select the option to get a new email address or use an existing email address and complete the on screen form.

Check time settings and network connection

Signing in the Microsoft account may fail if the phone date is not correct. It may also fail if the network connection is not working properly.

  1. Check the phone date and time. Go to Settings > date+time and manually set the correct time zone, date and time. Try signing in again.
  2. If the above action doesn't solve the problem, connect to a Wi-Fi network and try signing in via that network.

Keep your account safe

If your phone asks you to verify your identity with a security code, then follow these steps:

  1. Enter the last 4 digits of your mobile phone number and tap next. A code will be sent to your phone.
  2. Enter that code into the text box on the app and continue to complete the verification.

If you get a message like 'We can’t connect try in a while'

You will get this message if you are trying to create a new Microsoft account with a email address. It may be worth checking to see if there is an update available. To do this:

  1. Start the initial setup wizard for your phone, connect to a network, do not sign in to your Microsoft account, and skip this step by tapping sign in later.
  2. Download and install new software, tap Settings > phone update > check for updates and follow the instructions on the screen.
  3. Once your phone is updated, reset your phone to initiate the setup wizard again, tap Settings > about > reset your phone.
  4. Wait for your phone to reset, connect to a network, and create a new Microsoft account with an email address.

If you get an error code

Use your browser, try searching online to find a support article for the error code.

If still not able to sign in your Microsoft account, use your browser to sign your online mailbox to make sure that your password is correct, and that the service is active.