Learn from your data and grow

Business Intelligence for a Growing Business

You have customers. But are they the right customers?

Building a better audience through business technology

You’re doing something right. Your business is growing. But continuing that growth means getting a better understanding of the customers that got you here. That’s why Microsoft offers powerful and affordable business intelligence technology to help your company gain deeper insights into not only the customers you have, but the customers you want.

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IT-enabled small and mid-sized businesses grew revenues 15 percentage points faster than those with less technology.

Tools to expand your reach

Office 365

A more mobile Office

With tools that make it easy to bring your customer data to life, Office 365 can help you discover, organise, share and access data like never before.

More meaningful data
With Power BI, you can analyse, shape and transform your data into stunning interactive visualisations that uncover hidden insights.
Stay up to date
Connect to your email, calendar and contacts across all your devices, including PCs, smartphones and tablets.
Smart sharing
Enable employees in the field to connect to the latest information by providing them access to the latest documents from almost any device.
Be on call
See the availability of all your Microsoft Dynamics CRM contacts for instant messaging, Live Meeting or a phone call.

Your Windows goes with you

Windows 8.1 gives you the power to seamlessly work across devices, share and collaborate with your customers and clients and stay productive from virtually anywhere.

More productivity apps
Choose from a wide variety of different Windows 8.1 apps designed to help you track, maintain and contact your customers.
Remote desktop
A Remote Desktop Connection lets you connect to your own PC when you're using a different PC, so you’ll always stay connected to your information.
More control
As you expand, you can easily manage the growing number of your company’s devices, including tablets and employee-owned devices.
Windows Devices

Keep your customers close

With faster, lighter, thinner Windows devices, you’ll have the power of your PC with you at all times to make sure you’re connected and productive.

More memory, more power
Today’s thinner, lighter laptops let you work with the speed and performance of a desktop PC from almost anywhere.
The smartest smartphone
With Office Mobile, OneNote and SharePoint built in, Windows Phone lets you collaborate and share with customers on the go.
Tablet meets laptop
Every Surface includes powerful ports that let you connect, project and share more than most other tablets.
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online

Strengthen your relationships

Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps you track your customers in a timely manner, letting you focus on the right opportunities to help you close deals more quickly.

More personal insights
Integrated sales intelligence and social media can help you target new opportunities while providing insights to have more relevant sales conversations.
Stay connected
With remote access to real-time customer and partner information, your employees can deliver more impactful engagements every time.
Smart marketing
Real-time social insights and easy collaboration give your business the agility you need to execute marketing plans with success.
Windows Server 2012

Simple, security-enhanced storage of customer data

Windows Server 2012 gives your business security-enhanced and easily accessible data storage, sharing and backup for all of your work files, with flexibility to grow as you do.

Always on
Windows Server 2012 helps ensure your storage remains continuously available, so your services can be continuously available too.
Up-to-date information
You can enable your employees to sync their work files from a corporate server to their devices for the latest information.
Industry standard
As a proven application platform, Windows Server 2012 has thousands of applications already built and deployed.
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