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    Health Analytics Support Growth and Transformation for Health Organisations

    With the increase in use of health information technology and electronic medical records (EMR) in healthcare, the need to manage and access critical data effectively has grown. Health analytics are helping transform health organisations with predictive analytics, effective resource management and improved patient care and outcomes.

    Why and How Cloud

    Why and How Cloud

    Are you interested in learning about how companies are making the cloud work for them? Join Ibrahim Hamza for a discussion on why companies are adopting the cloud and how they are doing so.

    Online Event 16th October 2014

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    Designing a platform for future growth

    Designing a platform for future growth

    "Being able to cut the cord between users and their computers gives us a new level of flexibility and productivity." Doug Vargo, Financial Controller

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    Whether you’re a one-person start-up, or an expanding business, Microsoft can help your company succeed and grow with innovative technology. Browse through some of our success stories to find out how companies like you use Microsoft in their business.