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      • Please visit Microsoft KB 2580960 for detailed instruction on how to use Debugdiag 1.2.

        Debugdiag 1.2 introduced many new features that proved to be of great value:

        • .Net 2.0 and higher analysis integrated to the Crash Hang analysis.
        • SharePoint Analysis Script.
        • Performance Analysis Script.
        • .NET memory analysis script (beta).
        • Native heap analysis for all supported operating systems
        • Generate series of Userdumps.
        • Performance Rule.
        • IIS ETW hang detection.
        • .NET CLR 4.0 support.
        • Managed Breakpoint Support.
        • Report Userdump generation to the Event log.
        • Import/Export of rules and configuration, including 'Direct Push' to remote servers.
        • Enterprise deployment support using XCopy and Register.bat.

        Please direct any questions, comments or feedback to

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