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Microsoft Windows Vista Security: Setting a New Standard for Security and Privacy Through Innovation and Collaboration

With the forthcoming release of Windows Vista, Microsoft is empowering businesses and consumers to address mounting security threats.
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      For more than 30 years, information and communications technologies have transformed the global economy and personal communications. Today, more than one billion people — one-sixth of the world’s population — use the Internet, e-mail and other IT services, according to the Computer Industry Almanac. While computers have become an integral means of people’s lives and livelihoods, business and personal users have growing concerns that the integrity of IT services is being undermined in new and disturbing ways.

      The sophistication and organization of online criminal activity (phishing schemes, worms, spyware, etc.), along with widely publicized data breaches in the private and public sectors, threaten to erode public confidence in online commerce and other services. In fact, Consumer Reports, in its “State of the Net” report, concludes that one in three people will become a cyber-victim in 2006. Despite this threat, more than 80 percent of online Americans have not taken the appropriate computer protection measures and are at risk for online criminal activity, or virus and spyware problems.

      Since Trustworthy Computing was introduced in early 2002, Microsoft Corp. has been working hard to address security issues within its products and the broader industry. The company has made a number of advances since then, and is encouraged by the results of these investments and positive feedback from customers. Microsoft has been working closely with a myriad of partners in the public and private sectors to deliver a foundation of new security and privacy measures in the Windows Vista™ operating system, setting a new standard of computing integrity for customers and independent software vendors (ISVs).

      With the forthcoming release of Windows Vista, Microsoft is empowering businesses and consumers to address mounting security threats. Through Microsoft’s “defense-in-depth” approach to technology innovation — involving fundamental protections in the platform, threat and vulnerability mitigation, and identity and access control — the operating system will enable end users to remain more secure and will protect the privacy of their information. Windows Vista will also provide IT administrators with effective ways to make networks resistant to attacks, while preserving data confidentiality, integrity and availability. Lastly, these changes will enable new solutions for both security and non-security ISVs to address the challenges currently facing the entire industry.
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    Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows XP

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