Microsoft URL Rewrite Module 1.1 for IIS 7 (x64)

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URL rewrite module provides a rule-based rewriting mechanism for changing requested URL’s before they get processed by web server.
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      The Microsoft URL Rewrite Module 1.1 for IIS 7 provides flexible rules-based rewrite engine that can be used to perform broad spectrum of URL manipulation tasks, including, but not limited to:

      • Enabling user friendly and search engine friendly URL with dynamic web applications;

      • Rewriting URL’s based on HTTP headers and server variables;

      • Web site content handling;

      • Controlling access to web site content based on URL segments or request metadata.

      The installation package includes several additional components and hotfixes required by URL rewriter. Refer to the KB articles for the hotfixes to get more details. In order to apply the hotfixes correctly without restarting the server, it is recommended that the WAS service is stopped before installing URL Rewrite Module. The following hotfixes will be installed with URL Rewrite Module:
  • Supported Operating System

    Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, Windows Vista Service Pack 1, Windows Vista Service Pack 2

      • Internet Information Services 7 must be installed

      • IIS 7 supports a new shared configuration environment, which must be disabled on each server in a web farm before installing the URL Rewrite Module for each node. Note: shared configuration can be re-enabled after the URL Rewrite Module has been installed.

    • You will need to run the installation package as an administrator. This can be accomplished by one of the following methods:
      • Logging in to your server using the actual account named "Administrator".
      • Logging on using an account with administrator privileges and opening a command-prompt by right-clicking the Command Prompt menu item that is located in the Accessories menu for Windows programs and selecting "Run as administrator", then typing the command listed below:
        msiexec /I rewrite_1.1_amd64_en-US.msi
      If you already have previous release of URL Rewrite Module installed then the installation package will upgrade it. All rewrite rules in applicationHost.config and web.config files will be preserved.
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