Speech Utilities for Microsoft Speech Technologies

Tools to troubleshoot, analyze, and diagnose elements of speech applications.
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      The following, unsupported, supplemental speech utilities can be downloaded and used by speech developers and testers to help them troubleshoot, analyze, and diagnose various elements of their speech applications. These unsupported utilities are not included with the Speech Application SDK and are only available here for download. They are not intended to be used in production systems.

      Disclaimer: These utilities are unsupported and offered as-is with no warranties implied or expressed. Microsoft shall not be held liable for any claims of injury or damage in relation to the download, installation, or use of these utilities. Please refer to the End-User License Agreement for each utility for more information.

      GramStat Speech Utility for Microsoft Speech Technologies
      GramStat is a command-line utility that provides statistics for both compiled and raw grammar files that can be used to perform basic grammar analysis and/or troubleshoot grammar compilation and loading.

      Recognizer Speech Utility for Microsoft Speech Technologies
      Recognizer is a command-line utility useful for offline call flow analysis, simple speech recognition error diagnosis, and top-line error diagnosis for grammars, rules, and speech application installations.

      SAPIErr Speech Utility for Microsoft Speech Technologies
      SAPIErr is a command-line lookup utility useful for deciphering SAPI error codes returned by the speech recognizer, the Microsoft Speech Server 2004 prompt engine, and SAPI itself.

      GetPron Speech Utility for Microsoft Speech Technologies
      GetPron is a command-line tool that takes a list of words and outputs pronunciations for those words that are used by Microsoft Speech Server 2004 speech-recognition engine.

      BuildAppLex Speech Utility for Microsoft Speech Technologies
      BuildAppLex.exe is a command-line tool that allows you to create an Application Lexicon, using the Speech API. It takes one required command-line argument: a text file containing a list of words and their corresponding pronunciations.
  • Supported Operating System

    Windows Server 2003, Windows XP

      GramStat: Microsoft Speech Server 2004 or Microsoft Speech Application SDK 1.0

      Recognizer: Microsoft Speech Server 2004

      SAPIErr: Microsoft Speech Server 2004 or Microsoft Speech Application SDK 1.0

      GetPron: Microsoft Speech Server 2004

      BuildAppLex: Microsoft XP and Office 2003 or Windows Xp TabletPC Edition
    • Select the Speech Utility you want to install by clicking the corresponding link below. The "File Download" dialog will come up, select "Run" and the particular Windows Installer Package (.MSI file) of the utility you selected will start the installation process. Follow the instructions of the Installation Wizard.
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