Online Services Customer Story: Burger King

Online Services Customer Story: Burger King
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      Gamers—whether they’re 8 or 38—aren’t interested in how long it usually takes to produce a robust video game. They want what’s new, and they want it now. So who do you turn to for that kind of production turnaround? What’s the best way to include some in-game marketing to help push your product? And how do you make sure that the game’s worth playing, so your users don’t feel like they’re the ones being played?

      Fast food is one thing. Fast video game production is another entirely. But when Equity Marketing, promotions agency for Burger King, approached Microsoft®, that’s exactly what the challenge was. They wanted to produce three Burger King-branded Xbox games to sell exclusively at company locations in North America for only $3.99 each—a fraction of the typical cost of a retail game—and do it all in less than a year.
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