Building an Uber-Fast Crowd Renderer for Your Next Xbox 360 Engine - GDC 2010

Presentation from Microsoft Game Developer Days at GDC 2010
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      Rendering thousands of highly detailed, unique soft-skinned characters with shadows at 30 Hz on an Xbox 360 console requires a highly tuned rendering pipeline. A new type of instancing renderer that uses the GPU’s memexport feature is introduced here and compared to some other common, but less optimal, forms of crowd rendering. The renderer uses very limited CPU resources and is memory-conscious. This talk showcases an interactive, real-time demo. Some features of the crowd renderer are: Highly tuned VMX animation; Memexport, vfetch, and tfetch techniques; Entire crowd is skinned and transformed with a single draw call and exported to memory for rapid depth prepass, shadow generation and color generation passes.
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