Microsoft's ERP solution for enterprises

Microsoft Dynamics AX is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution that is easy to learn and use. With Microsoft’s ERP solution you can deliver value faster, maximise your business opportunities, engage users and drive innovation across the organization.

Microsoft Dynamics AX

Increase the speed of doing business

Microsoft Dynamics AX is a ERP business solution that helps enterprises increase the speed of doing business. Dynamics AX enables people to make smarter decisions on the go with access to real-time insights and intelligence on nearly any device, anywhere. Businesses are able to create their business processes faster, which leads to increase in innovation and quicker time to value. The Dynamics AX  solution also gives businesses the ability to grow at their pace through the choice and flexibility, allowing them to scale their operations globally.

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Fast installation
Make smart decisions quickly
Get real-time insights in a mobile, familiar and easy-to-use experience to be more productive, faster.
Mobile friendly
Transform business faster
Help improve your business planning and execution through predictable implementation.
Microsoft platform
Grow at your pace
Get the flexibility of the cloud to scale globally and grow at your own pace.

Deliver amazing customer experiences with Microsoft Dynamics AX

Today's customers interact with brands across a wide range of touchpoints throughout their shopping experience. Customers use social media to read reviews, smartphones to conduct research and they expect to find information fast. They are also becoming more impatient and are expecting an immediate, personalized service.

The latest version of Microsoft Dynamics AX has been created to help organisations better manage these changing demands.

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Fast installation
Accelerate global expansion with flexible deployments
Offering businesses the ability to leverage the power and flexibility of the Microsoft cloud to scale their operations globally.
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Mobile friendly
Deliver seamless commerce and omni-channel excellence
Hosted & scalable E-Commerce Services usable with 3rd party online stores.
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Microsoft platform
Achieve effective merchandise management 
Getting ahead of trends and then effectively planning and delivering upon them is what sets apart market leaders from the rest of the pack.
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Microsoft platform
Drive Intelligent Operations
From large organisations to small, it is very important to ensure the effective movement of a product from procurement through sale to re-order.
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Work smarter with connected operations

To keep pace with rapidly evolving business models enabled by the fourth industrial revolution, organisations must work smarter.  Keep up with the  pace of business through modern connected operations solutions from Microsoft that accelerate new product introductions and enable agile, intelligent manufacturing and supply chain execution.

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Fast installation
Accelerate product introductions
Reduce risks and test new product ideas, confident in your company’s ability to fulfill demand using intelligent and digital manufacturing.
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Mobile friendly
Drive agile shop floor execution
Manage your production floor, enhance productivity and global visibility  with operational workspaces.
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Microsoft platform
Introduce Intelligent order fulfillment
Empower your employees to explore remediation options for your customers by increasing global visibility of your inventory, manufacturing and logistics.
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Drive business performance

A modern finance leader needs to drive business performance with a holistic view of their business and they need the right, up-to-date data to make informed decisions. Microsoft Dynamics AX combined with Microsoft analytics tools helps finance professionals get invaluable business insights, so they can anticipate business needs and help enable the delivery of competitive advantage.  

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Fast installation
Monitor the pulse of your business
Drive corporate performance with business insights and intelligence.
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Mobile friendly
Assess and manage risk
Gain increased visibility to organisational risks with a single view into your business.
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Microsoft platform
Drive corporate strategy and growth 
Grow your business using the flexibility and choice of the Microsoft cloud. 
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Discover industry solutions

Retail solutions

Engage with customers with omni-channel solutions – no matter how, when, and where they shop.

Manufacturing software

Learn how the Lotus F1 Team pulled ahead with Microsoft Dynamics.

Solutions for service industries

Manage client projects more efficiently by ensuring that your teams are on the same page.

Solutions for the public sector
Public sector

Solutions that evolve with your needs, help to reduce costs, and increase transparency

The cloud can make you a business hero

Running Microsoft Dynamics AX on Microsoft Azure can help you reduce operating costs, gain business value quickly, and enable rapid business transformations and growth.

1 Source: IDC Successful Cloud Partners e-book

2 Disclaimer: Estimates of time spent deploying on Azure are based averaging Azure deployment data captured in Microsoft Lifecycle Services between May and December 2014. Estimates of time spent deploying on-premises are based on internal Microsoft testing data. Actual customer deployment time may vary.

Microsoft Dynamics AX running on Azure

Help deliver your implementation on time and to budget

Improve the predictability and quality of your Microsoft Dynamics AX implementation by simplifying and standardising the process to realise business value faster. 

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Standardizing and simplifying the Microsoft Dynamics AX implementation

Why Microsoft Dynamics AX

SAP Business All-in-OneMicrosoft Dynamics AX
Total cost of ownershipMany components require expensive add-on licensesAll Microsoft Dynamics AX functionality is included in one license
Time to valueLonger implementation time 3Shorter implementation time 3
MaintenanceMaintenance starts at 19%, with annual inflation increaseMaintenance starts at 16%, with no inflation increase
User experienceSAP proprietary user experienceLooks and works like other Microsoft technology
Office interoperabilityAdd-on (licensed per user)Built in
PlatformSAP HANA-centric Advanced Business Application Programming (ABAP) + JavaWindows, SQL, and Microsoft Azure .NET (C# and/or X++)
Business Intelligence (BI)Bolt-on solutions requiring additional licensesBuilt-in actionable BI based on SQL and Microsoft Management Reporter

3 Based on "Clash of the Titans," by Panorama Research, 2014

Microsoft is the preferred enterprise resource planning (ERP) software vendor 4

Among global enterprise organizations with between $50 million and $1 billion in revenue, and those with $1 billion or more, Microsoft Dynamics AX is the preferred vendor for the next major ERP investment, compared to Oracle and SAP.
Microsoft is the preferred enterprise resource planning (ERP) vendor
4 Based on ICT Enterprise Insights by Ovum Research, 2013

Already have SAP?

Get more out of your investment. Microsoft Dynamics AX can help you optimize, consolidate, and connect your operations, while maintaining SAP as your core ERP provider.

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