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Do more with your phone by discovering your favourites from thousands of fantastic Windows phone apps.

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Transform your morning coffee run

Gone are the days of waiting in line for your morning coffee. With Beat the Q you can order and pay for your coffee, food and drink before you arrive. Save time, avoid queues and pay easily with the app.

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It might get loud

Got a taste for music and videos? Who doesn’t? No matter what your taste, we’ve got you covered with the most popular music and video apps available on Windows Phone App Store.

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Get your game on

From legendary classics to the most popular sports titles and up-and-coming talkers, Windows Phone App Store offers a range of games for every Lumia smartphone owner. Download some of the most popular games for your Nokia Lumia smartphone

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Show your creative side

Take a lot of photos with your Lumia smartphone? Show off your creations in a new way. We’ve got countless Windows phone apps available to bring your photos to the next level and easily share with friends.

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Be in the know wherever you go

Current events or sports, rain or shine, we all need to know the news and weather. Offering the most popular news and weather apps on the globe, Windows Phone App Store is the place to go when you need to know.

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Apps for Lumia

Top chef or fitness buff? Master gamer or pro photographer? Whatever your interests, there are thousands of Windows Phone apps to help you fine-tune or fully revise your Lumia to suit your lifestyle and extend your Lumia experience far beyond the conventional.


Apps for Asha

Check the weather, access social networks, get the latest news, edit photos and play games. You can do a whole lot more on your Asha with the help of some of the most popular Nokia phone apps. So why not try a few right now?

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