Making the switch: Bailey Nelson

Bailey Nelson Eyewear stores need to keep their teams connected in different store locations and on the road. Switching to Lumia helped sync their communications and improve the way they do business. “The phones are very intuitive,” says Co-Founder, Scott Triana. “They’ve made us more efficient and responsive. And they look good. I’d definitely recommend a switch to Lumia.”

Improving efficiency: The Rice Den

The Rice Den is a busy restaurant in Sydney. The team needs to manage rosters, stock and promotions, whilst providing best-in-class cuisine and customer service. Switching to Lumia helped the team improve the way they run their business and saved them precious time on everyday tasks. “With the Lumia smartphones, we’re not tied to a desk or a PC, which is great for our business,” says Co-owner, Edmund Li. “They’re saving us a lot of time and making our lives easier.”

Working on the go: Mow & Blow

Mow & Blow specialise in garden maintenance and lawn mowing. They provide the highest level of customer service with quick response times. Switching to Lumia helped the team streamline their administration tasks and keep them in sync on the road. “Being on the go, it’s great to have Microsoft Outlook in the palm of our hands,” says Partner, Rob Youkhana. “It allows us to respond instantly from any location.”