If you reset your Nokia Symbian^3 device with the Delete data and restore command (or with the corresponding *#7370# command on keypad), take the following actions to restore the deleted applications:

  • Before resetting the device, take a backup with Nokia Suite and restore the contents after the reset.
  • Install any software updates that are available via Menu > SW Update (or Menu > Applications > SW Updates or Menu > Applications > Tools > SW Updates).
  • Search and install the missing applications from Nokia Store. Check My Stuff in Nokia Store client for the previously installed applications.
  • Check in Nokia Suite if any additional applications are available for your device in Software updates menu.
  • If there are applications still missing, reinstall the phone software with Nokia Suite. 

Note that if you use Restore command to restore the factory settings, the installed applications are not deleted and no special actions are needed. If there's a need to reset the device, it is recommended to try first the Restore command and use the Delete data and restore command only in cases where Restore doesn't help.

The factory reset commands can be found in Menu > Settings > Phone > Phone management > Factory settings.