How do I format, lock and check the memory card consumption on my Nokia phone (Series 40 Phones)?

Keep all memory cards out of the reach of small children.You can use the microSD memory card to store your multimedia files such as video clips, music tracks, and sound files, images, and messaging data, and to back up information from phone memory.Some of the folders in Gallery with content that the phone use (for example, Themes) may be stored on the memory card.

Format the memory card

When a memory card is formatted, all data on the card is permanently lost. Some memory cards are supplied preformatted and others require formatting. Consult your retailer to find out if you must format the memory card before you can use it.To format a memory card, select Menu > (Fun & Apps >)  Gallery or Applications, the memory card folder , and Options > Format memory card > Yes.When formatting is complete, enter a name for the memory card.

Lock the memory card

To set a password to lock your memory card to help prevent unauthorized use, select Options > Set password. The password can be up to eight characters long.The password is stored in your phone and you do not have to enter it again while you are using the memory card on the same phone. If you want to use the memory card on another phone, you are asked for the password.To delete the password, select Options > Delete password.

What to do when I forget the password of my memory card

This is unfortunate situation. But if you keep using it in the device where the password was set, the password is not required to access to the memory card. However, it is required in the following situations:

  • Try to remove the memory card password
  • Insert the memory card to another device
  • After a hard reset of the device (for example by typing *#7370# in your device)
  • After the device software update with PC using Nokia Software Updater

When you forget the password but still want to use the memory card, try formatting it in your device. But after formatting, all data on the memory card is erased. Sometimes the password may be asked before formatting, then try to format it in PC.

Important notice! Write down your password and keep it in a safe place and backup your memory card data regularly.

Check memory consumption

To check the memory consumption of different data groups and the available memory for installing new applications or software on your memory card, select Options > Details