Audio quality is poor when I listen to music using Bluetooth

Switch off any other Bluetooth enabled devices near you

  • You might experience stuttering audio if any paired Bluetooth device attempting to connect your phone simultaneously.

Move your phone

  • Make sure that the pairing devices are set to be visible to one another, and that there are no obstructions blocking the space between your phone and the Bluetooth device. 
  • If you are streaming music from the internet, the issue could be with your mobile data or Wi-Fi connection.

Toggle the power off and on in both devices, then re-connect the devices

  • After this operation, you may need to re-adjust the volume on your phone.

Start the pairing process from the beginning

  1. Clear the paired devices list on your phone's Bluetooth settings and restart your phone.
  2. Reset the pairing Bluetooth device to clear information about the last Bluetooth devices.
  3. Go through the pairing process. Refer to the pairing device's user manual to find reset and pairing instructions.
  • Note! Compatibility with 3rd Party Devices (for example, Accessories) depends on Bluetooth standards and applications related by the Device manufacturer.