If you frequently make calls to automated systems that require an additional digit or extension to be dialed, with the following steps you can insert dialing pause into a contact's phone number.

 ,comma - Pause
 (open parenthesis - Area Codes
 )close parenthesis - Area Codes
 Xletter x - No Function

  1. On the Start screen, tap People.
  2. Create a new contact, tap + (plus) or edit an existing phone details.
  3. Type the digits to dial into the phone number box, and then press and hold `.´ (period) key at the lower right of the keyboard.
  4. After you tap this key, a pop up menu appears.
  5. Insert `,´ (comma) where you want the dialing to be paused (example +35850950777,12345). Comma would tell the dialing to pause about 2 seconds before sending the extension string. For longer delays you can insert more pauses.
  6. When you are finished, press Save.