Nokia N9 - Can I sync the contacts and calendar in my Nokia N9 with Nokia Link?

Nokia Link doesn't support contacts and calendar sync, but Nokia N9 offers you many other ways to do such syncing. N9 has device to device sync support for bringing contacts from your old device to N9 and for some devices also calendar can be synced. N9 supports Mail for Exchange, GMAILTM or any POP/ IMAP capable mail servers. With Mail for Exchange not only the email is synced, but you can also sync contacts and calendar for services like Outlook, Windows LiveTM and GMAILTM.

If you have previously synced your contacts e.g. from your old phone to Nokia online service, you can sync the contacts back to your Nokia N9 by using the Nokia account sync.

Calendar entries from your PC Outlook can be synchronised via a remote calendar service, e.g. via Windows LiveTM and GMAILTM (see separate FAQs for more details).

Starting from Nokia Suite version 3.5, you can use also Nokia Suite for syncing your contacts and calendar.