How do I set up SIP VoIP service in my Nokia N9?

To use SIP VoIP calls in your phone, create and configure a SIP account by using the settings you have got from your VoIP service provider.

A sample SIP configuration is shown below with the following settings:

  • SIP address (public user name) =
  • User name = 123456
  • Password = xxxxxx
  • Outbound proxy =

To set up the SIP account, proceed as follows:

  • Select Accounts > Add accounts > SIP and define:
    • SIP address (public user name):
    • Password: xxxxxx
  • Select Advanced settings and define:
    • Use for telephone calls: ON
    • Username: 123456
    • Transport: Automatic
    • Outbound proxy:
    • Port: 5060
    • Discover public address: ON
    • Loose routing: OFF
    • Keep-alive mechanism: Automatic
    • Keep-alive period: Automatic
    • Auto-detect STUN: ON

After you have defined the settings, select Sign-in to sign in to your SIP service provider.

To switch between SIP online and offline modes, select Accounts > Availability > SIP > Online / Offline. You need to be in online mode to be able to receive incoming SIP calls.

To make a SIP VoIP call, dial the number in the Phone application or create a contact with SIP address:

Dialing in the Phone application:

  • Select Phone.
  • Tap the upper right corner and select SIP instead of the default Mobile call.
  • Dial the number and tap the dial button.

Calling via Contacts:

  • Select Contacts.
  • Create a new contact or edit an existing contact.
  • Add SIP username in the contact details and save the changes.
  • To start dialing, select the contact and tap the dial icon on the SIP service row.

The SIP VoIP call is established over the currently available internet connection. The connection can be established over a cellular or Wi-Fi connection.