What is the "3G network compatibility fix" for Nokia N9?

What is this fix for:

This is a 3G network compatibility fix. This fix will prepare the device for possible operator network updates. Without this fix, your voice and data services might stop working properly.What are symptoms in the device when the error occurs:

In an updated 3G network your applications (e.g. email or browser) might not be able to open the data connection, even if you might have a good network coverage. Also the voice call establishment might fail. If you restart your phone everything might work well for a while but sooner or later you will see this error situation again.I don’t see the fix:

First of all, ensure that you have a working data connection and preferably use Wi-Fi. Go to Manage applications page (Settings->Applications->Manage applications) and select ‘updates’ tab from the bottom right and you should now see the update button at the top right corner. Click the button, wait for a while and you should see the fix. If you still don’t see the fix you might either have too old firmware release (older than 20.2011.40-4) in your device or you may have accidentally uninstalled the original ‘Nokia Link application’.I have accidentally uninstalled Nokia Link and I can’t see the fix:

If possible use Nokia Suite to reinstall the firmware release. The reinstall will bring back the Nokia Link and then you should be able to update it.I have problems in downloading the fix over the cellular:

Most probably your network carrier has updated the network and you are seeing symptoms described above. If possible try to download the fix over Wi-Fi.Do I need to restart my device after installation:

The fix itself does not require restart, but we recommend that you start your device again anyway.If I uninstall the ‘Nokia Link’ after update will the network fix be reverted:

No it won’t. However, it is not recommended to uninstall the ‘Nokia Link’.How big is the fix:

The size is about 36 MB. However, since the fix replaces the existing ‘Nokia Link’ the additional memory consumption in the disk is only about 50 kB