Why does GPS not always work well on my Nokia N97 device even though I am outdoors with good GPS conditions?

GPS (Global Positioning System) problems, lost GPS signal or poor GPS reception may occur if the GPS antenna gets covered by hand or something else. This can heavily affect the GPS performance. 

The GPS antenna in Nokia N97 is located under the camera module area. Care should be taken to avoid covering the antenna. For example, when holding the device by two hands when the device is folded open, the left hand could easily cover the GPS antenna and cause performance issues.

If using Maps application, check also that the latest version is installed in the device to be sure that all the GPS performance improvements of the Maps application are included. Maps updates can be checked and installed by going to Menu > Applications > SW Update.

Note that there can be also other issues affecting the GPS performance, e.g.:

  • GPS signal cannot usually be received indoors.
  • Buildings blocking the GPS signal.
  • Weather conditions.
  • UV protected windscreens in a car.
  • Getting GPS signal may take a long time, especially if the network connection is not available and Assisted GPS (A-GPS) is not enabled in the positioning methods.

If not getting GPS signal, try moving to an open place with clear view to the sky. Check also that Assisted GPS is enabled in the positioning methods, this will substantially speed up getting the GPS fix (select Menu > Settings > Phone > Application sett. > Positioning > Positioning methods > Assisted GPS). Note that there will be a small amount of data transferred over the internet connection with Assisted GPS and data charges may incur.